The Buttermarket is one of the iconic buildings of the city of Hereford. It is a shopping centre that is seen by many people and a fundamental part of the core shopping experience. It’s understood that it continues to serve the residents as a centre for local production and as an important meeting place. We need to keep this particular heritage and safeguard this town centre in the future times. Restoring the original colour glass domed ceiling could help to make it a show piece in Hereford centre and attract visitors. The empty space becomes an attraction place reversible in time: from trading (historical function) to cultural space or to food hall. The functions medley is the contemporary appreciation reason of the actual declining building. The new bridge hanging from the trusses is the threshold between the two “agorà”. At the same time the Buttermarket will be a sort of new “Agorà” where flexibility and new functions will be the origin of the regeneration of the city center.

Project: Hereford Buttermarket
Location: Hereford, UK
Year: 2010
Team: Pacaram + IDxEA