The history of Russia is one marked with sacrifices, with suffering, and with great toil. This story has featured, in our opinion, a great protagonist, a role assumed by the woman, the real heart at the centre of Russian society: the family. The opportunity offered by this project that will host such a world, where the woman is the icon par excellence, is thus to glorify such an important figure by using a stylised form that becomes the heart of the building itself. As part of this “shaping” process, we looked to take two extremes – the matriosca with its generous form, and the artistic figure – and realise an amalgamation of the two. This is how the real heart of the building, and its true spirit, is created. A form contained within a tower. A red form that is the long channel that passes all the energy needed on to the building, its life and its maintenance. A kind of mighty womb that weaves its way across every floor and transfers the lifecycle to every function by distributing light and energy. The building at the same time emerges and takes shape from the land, the land of Russia. The building emerges from a bundle of structural fibres that grip the earth and converge at the centre, to meet and then rise up inside all floors, reaching every one of them, one by one. Public and sourcing functions take effect on the floor connecting with the land, while special functions dedicated to fashionable abodes become involved on the upper floors. The monolithic form assumed by the tower subsequently becomes a simple landmark, which during the long dark winter months becomes a distinguishing symbol, thanks to its red interior.

Project: Fashion palace in the Red square
Location: Moscow, RU
Year: 2012
Team: Pacaram + IDxEA